Samantha Tan Featured in Toronto Star Article

In a feature article by Norris McDonald, Samantha Tan opens up on her experience as a woman in racing, her career and her aspirations for the future.


From The Article:

There are two reasons Tan thinks the team will continue to do well this season (the next race is a week from now at the famous Laguna Seca circuit in California). Her father, Kenneth Tan, is Team Manager and she has a personal coach, Nic Jonsson.

“I didn’t have a coach last season,” she said, “and I felt I needed one. It’s my last year of university and I needed to get a handle on everything and so having another person there is a good idea. He came to see me in January to get me going on the training program I’m now following.

“I go to the gym four times a week to get myself into shape for longer races. It’s going to help a lot when I’m in the car. To be honest, I’ve never worked this hard before. But I think with this new training program and the teammates I have that we have a very good chance to win the championship. I am very confident in our skills and the car.”

Tan says she would like to move up in 2020. “We’re thinking of going into IMSA racing next year,” she said. “They would be longer endurance races and I would like to work my way up to be able to run the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That is my big ambition now.


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Adam Pietrangelo