Established October 2016, Samantha Tan Racing was built out of passion, creativity and the unwavering pursuit of greatness. Racing is the DNA of this family, which has been assembled meticulously to promote development together. Each member is as important as the one next to them, bringing talent, heart, experience, vision, strategy and the will to win. Living and breathing racing is what brought the team together. A resolute desire to contribute for each other is what keeps the team thriving. 

With the 2019 campaign all but underway, the team is excited and determined to bring together their efforts towards a unifying goal: the Pirelli GT4 America championship.

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Our team is a family.

Champions through and through.

The decision to race BMW M235i Racing Cup cars in the 2017 Pirelli World Challenge was very intentional and ultimately rewarding. Primary driver Samantha would return to a rear wheel drive platform, racing in the Touring Class division. The team earned a fourth place finish, proud of their debut and eager to continually hone their skills.

Stepping up in the offseason, the team announced that it would challenge the PWC GTS SprintX in new BMW M4 GT4s. The 2018 season was a test for the team building its synergy with better processes and guidance for improvement. The team finished eighth in a historic season for PWC, which saw Samantha as one of two female drivers leading their distinctive races at the same time, a first for the series.